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Why Should You Choose Topdiode as Your Semiconductor IC Chip Supplier?

Topdiode is a well-established semiconductor company with a rich history in the market.We have garnered strong recommendations from numerous international EMS/OEM customers, thanks to our exceptional reliability and outstanding performance.

In the IC and Semiconductors market, many customers have faced significant challenges with lead times when dealing with certain US and Japanese IC brands.However, with China’s increasing investment in IC CHIPS, Topdiode is able to offer an extensive range of IGBTs, drive ICs, audio ICs at more competitive prices and shorter lead times.

Moreover, we maintain regular stocks of transistors, IGBTs, MOSFETs, drive ICs, and audio ICs as a reliable supplier of IC CHIPS.Therefore it becomes imperative for businesses to find a local Chinese supplier for their IC needs.

  • Fast Delivery
    Fast delivery with normally 4 weeks of lead-time.
    Fast Delivery 4 weeks
  • Cost-effective semiconductors IC
    Cost-effective Semiconductors IC, help our partners cost down.
  • Reliable Quality
    Professorial supplier with 28+ long history serving international customer. Quality approved by famous EMS/OEM
    Reliable Quality
  • Pin to Pin Replacement to Infineon, Tl, On-semi,Microchip
    Alternative Solution
    Pin to Pin Replacement to Infineon, TI, AOS, On-Semi, Microchip.
  • Free Samples & Trial Order
    Free samples and trial order available for potential customers.
    Free samples & trial order available
  • IGBT MOSFET IC Stock Available
    Stock Available
    IGBT, MOSFET, IC stock available for certain parts.Automotive grade MOSFET, IGBT also available.
about topdiode

About Topdiode

Topdiode is a reputable high-technology enterprise specializing in designing, producing, and marketing semiconductor power devices and integrated circuits (ICs). Our wide range of products, include MOSFETs, IGBTs, transistors, drive ICs, and audio ICs, which are used in various industries such as automotive, solar energy, 5G telecommunications, industrial electronics, white goods, lighting, security, and consumer electronics. Topdiode has competitive prices and shorter lead times compared to other US and Japanese IC brands. Topdiode services are designed to meet the needs of customers seeking cost savings with faster project timelines.

Advantages of Selecting Topdiode as your trusted semiconductor supplier.

Product Range: Topdiode offers a diverse portfolio of semiconductor products, which can be used in a variety of applications. This range allows customers to find suitable components for their specific needs.

Professional Team: Topdiode boasts a professional engineering and marketing team. Their research and development department comprise of technical experts from Taiwan, Silicon Valley U.S.A, and mainland China. This diverse team has contributed to Topdiode securing 15 patents in the semiconductor field, highlighting their commitment to innovation.

Experience: With over 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, Topdiode has a strong foundation and a deep understanding of market trends and customer requirements.

Investment in R&D: Topdiode’s commitment to continuous improvement is reflected in our increased investment in research and development. This approach helps us stay competitive and aligned with the ever-evolving market trends.

Efficiency and Reliability: Topdiode emphasizes the high efficiency and excellent reliability of our power semiconductors. This can be crucial for customers looking to reduce costs and address long-lead time challenges in the manufacturing of their projects.

Alternative Solutions: Topdiode’s sales team is well-trained to assist companies in finding alternative semiconductor solutions to replace products from other well-known manufacturers like Infineon, AOS, Microchip, Texas Instruments (TI), ON Semiconductor, and TRINNO. This flexibility in offering alternative devices can be valuable for customers seeking cost-effective or more readily available components.

If you’re in need of a reliable semiconductor and IC supplier, please contact a Topdiode sales professional to assist you. Topdiode has the expertise and an extensive product portfolio to assist with your semiconductor needs across various applications. Please email info@topdiode.com for assistance and more detailed information.

Topdiode Fast Response Sales Team

Senior Sales Manager
WhatsApp: +86 134 1674 5745
Skype: connie@topdiode.com
Topdiode Sales Representative in Brazil
Email: brazil@topdiode.com
Skype: eliezerpramos
Senior Overseas Sales
WhatsApp: +86 130 6615 9578
Skype: europe@topdiode.com
Saso Slika
Topdiode Sales Representative in Europe
+386 (0)40 377 372
Email: saso@topdiode.com
Senior Overseas Sales
WhatsApp: +86 130 5856 0586
Skype: lily@topdiode.com
Topdiode Sales Representative in Vietnam
WhatsApp: +84 97 773 10 68
Email: dinhtv@topdiode.com

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