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BC846-BC850 NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor Topdiode

  • General-purpose transistors
  • SMD plastic package
  • Two different gain selections
  • RoHS compliant

Topdiode BC846-BC850 NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor

Topdiode BC846~BC850 is NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistors for switching and amplifier applications.
As complementary types the PNP transistors BC856…BC860 is recommended.
Topdiode BC846~BC850 is NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistors with SOT-23 Plastic Package.
Topdiode BC846~BC850 is a nice alternative offer for On-Semi BC846~BC850

Topdiode BC846-BC850 NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor DATA

Topdiode PN BC846~BC850
Description NPN Silicon Epitaxial Transistor
Package SOT-23
Polarity NPN
Ptot (mW) 200
VCEO [max] (V) 65
IC [max] (mA) 100
hFE [min] 110
hFE [max] 800
Tj [max] (°C) 150
Cross to Brand On-Semi
Pin to Pin Cross P/N BC846~BC850

Topdiode Hot Selling Products (6)

Topdiode Transistors Used on Washing Machine

Topdiode transistors BC846, BC847, BC848, BC849, BC850 are used on washing machine.

The washing machine has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, and with the development of artificial intelligence, we pursue a more scientific, efficient, and energy-efficient way of cleaning clothes. Topdiode provides electronic components that meet efficient power management, robust and reliable user interfaces, and low-noise, high-power-density motor control.

Topdiode Transistor Applications

Smart Solution
Home Appliance
White Goods
What is Transistor?

A transistor is a semiconductor device used to amplify or switch electrical signals and power. Typically, transistors consist of three layers, or terminals, of a semiconductor material, each of which can carry a current.

How an Transistor Works?

When working as an amplifier, a transistor transforms a small input current into a bigger output current. As a switch, it can be in one of two distinct states — on or off — to control the flow of electronic signals through an electrical circuit or electronic device.

What are Features of Transistor ?

The most basic and important characteristic of the transistor: the transistor has a current amplification effect. Its essence is that the transistor can control a large change in the collector current with a small change in the base current.

What are Applications of Transistor?

It has three major applications:
1. Used in amplifier circuits for voltage or current amplification;
2. Used in oscillation circuits for modulation, demodulation or self-oscillation;
3. Used in switching circuits as thyristors, current limiting or switching tubes.

What are Benefits of Transistor ?

1. Provide signal amplification to ensure a fair output for the application.
2. Regulate an incoming signal’s current and voltage.
3. Smaller and lighter than vacuum tubes, while also being mechanically stronger.
4. Require no external heating for operation.
5. A low-voltage supply is sufficient to operate a transistor.
6. Highly suitable for low-power applications.
7. Ideal for integrating with resistors and diodes to create integrated circuits.
8. As the size of transistors decreased exponentially, their cost has fallen.

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