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  • TP4008QD-4
  • TP4008QD-1
  • TP4008QD-2
  • TP4008QD-3
  • TP4008QD-4
  • TP4008QD-4

MOSFET DFN3X3 N-Channel TP4008QD-Topdiode

  • 40V,20A
  • RDS (on)<22mΩ @VGS=10V
  • RDS (on)<30mΩ @VGS=4.5V
  • Trench DMOS Power MOSFET
  • Fast Switching
  • Exceptional on-resistance and maximum DC current capability

MOSFET DFN3X3 N-Channel TP4008QD-Topdiode

N-Channel Power MOSFET
Topdiode TP4008QD is a nice alternative offer for Vishay MOSFET SISA72DN-T1-GE3

MOSFET DFN3X3 N-Channel TP4008QD-Topdiode DATA

Parameter Symbol Value Unit
Drain-Source Voltage VDS A0
Gate-Source Voltage VGS ±20 V
Continuous Drain Current (Ta =25℃) ID 20 A
Continuous Drain Current (Ta=100℃) ID 1.3 A
Pulsed Drain Currenr (1) IDM 48 A
Power Dissipation PD 21 W
Thermal Resistance from Junction to Ambient RϴJA 6.25 ℃/W
Junction Temperature TJ 150
Storage Temperature TSTG -55~+150

Topdiode Hot Selling Products (6)

Bluetooth Headset-Circuit

Topdiode MOSFET TP3134 & TP2302B Used on Bluetooth

Bluetooth headphones often incorporate MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) as a key component in their power amplifier circuitry. MOSFETs enable efficient and reliable power amplification, driving the headphone speaker units to produce high-quality audio. Through precise control of voltage and current, MOSFETs ensure accurate amplification and adjustment of audio signals, enhancing the overall sound experience. Their role is crucial in optimizing power efficiency, size, and audio performance of Bluetooth headphones, making them indispensable in the design and production of wireless audio devices.

Topdiode Recommended Products:TP3134 & TP2302B

Bluetooth Headset - Scene

Topdiode Si MOSFET Applications

Inverter Appliance
370x460 Driver IC & IGBT ͼ2
Industrial Converters
370x460 Driver IC & IGBT ͼ 3
New Energy Vehicles
What is Si?

“Si” typically refers to silicon, which is a chemical element commonly used in semiconductor technology. Silicon is widely used in electronics, including integrated circuits (ICs), transistors, diodes, and solar cells, due to its unique semiconductor properties. It is the second most abundant element in the Earth’s crust and serves as the foundation for many modern technological advancements.

What is Si MOSFET?

A Si MOSFET, or Silicon MOSFET, is a type of transistor made from silicon. It operates by controlling the flow of current between the source and drain terminals using an electric field generated by the gate terminal. Si MOSFETs are widely used in electronics for their reliability, low cost, and compatibility with existing manufacturing processes. They are commonly found in integrated circuits (ICs) and power electronic systems, where they play a critical role in switching and amplifying signals efficiently.

What are Features of Si MOSFET?

Si MOSFETs offer features like high reliability, low cost, and compatibility with existing manufacturing processes. They provide efficient switching and amplification of signals in electronic devices due to their low on-resistance and fast switching speeds. Si MOSFETs are widely used in integrated circuits (ICs) and power electronic systems for their ability to handle high voltages and currents while minimizing power losses. Additionally, they exhibit excellent thermal stability and temperature performance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in various industries.

What are Applications of Si MOSFET?

Si MOSFET is ideally suited for space-constrained automotive, industrial, and consumer applications such as robotic vacuum cleaners, TV sets, energy meter,outdoor power supply, Bluetooth headset mobile phone air conditioner, DC-DC converters LED lighting etc.

What are Benefits of Topdiode Si MOSFET?

Topdiode Si MOSFET could replace Infineon, On Semi, ROHM etc. with reliable quality, much less cost and lead-time. Our customers will benefits a lot by choosing Topdiode as their supplier.

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