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Topdiode Factory Equipments

TZ610 automatic probe test bench, mainly used for large tube core (≥1mm), pressure solder joint ≥80Jm automatic testing semiconductor IC, discrete components, photosensitive components, with sampling function.

Diffusion process: automatic diffusion furnace, diffusion, oxidation, annealing, alloying and sintering of large-scale integrated circuits, discrete devices, power electronics, photoelectric devices and optical fiber products.

Using turret type double DD motor structure, combined with independent compression characteristics, can achieve high temperature and normal temperature test, the highest temperature up to 175℃

Chip through technology: through isolation and P-N junction formation technology in semiconductor device production.

Probe station: The probe station is one of the important inspection equipment in the semiconductor (including integrated circuits, discrete devices, optoelectronic devices, sensors) industry. It is widely used in the precision electrical measurement of complex and high-speed devices to ensure quality and reliability, and reduce the development time and cost of the device manufacturing process. By cooperating with the test instrument, the probe station records the chip whose parameter characteristics do not meet the requirements, and deletes it before entering the subsequent process, which greatly reduces the manufacturing cost of the device. The probe station is mainly used for wafer inspection, chip development and fault analysis in the wafer manufacturing process.

Bonding and pressing process of semiconductor package structure: the bonding process parameters can be precisely controlled, with high mechanical properties of wire repeatability and fast bonding speed.

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