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Customer Testimonial

Customer Testimonial

How is Topdiode’s sales support rated by customers? What feedback has been received regarding Topdiode’s sales support?

Axxxxx, one of the UK’s top 5 distributors of electronic components, provided the following statement about Topdiode after conducting a factory audit.

Additionally, there are positive comments from other valued customers.


Customer Testimonial

Topdiode Group has established a network of distributors in various countries including Brazil, India, Vietnam, Germany, France, UK, Russia, and Poland.

How does Topdiode ensure the protection of their distributors’ sales efforts?

Let’s examine the feedback from WXX, a distributor based in Germany, regarding Topdiode’s distributor protection policy.

Topdiode once again received the “supplier performance report” of 100% on time delivery & ZERO failures from one of our Austria customers (remote control manufacturer).

a Remote control manufacturer in Austria

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