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Topdiode offers an extensive line of transistors, Mosfets, IGBTs, Drive ICs, and Audio ICs. Topdiode has competitive prices and shorter lead times compared to other US and Japanese IC brands.

Topdiode Power Semiconductors Reliability Test Laboratory


Product quality is the foundation of the company’s development. In addition to strictly controlling product quality during the product production process, we also need to conduct quality testing on the final product to confirm that the product can still be used normally in different installation locations, frequency of use, complex environments, etc. . TOPDIODE has always adhered to “customer-centric” and strictly controlled the quality of product delivery. It not only invested heavily in product research and development, but also established multiple complete power device laboratories. This time we will focus on the TOPDIODE reliability laboratory.



At present, the TOPDIODE reliability laboratory mainly conducts tests according to MIL-STD, JEDEC, AQG324, IEC and other standards. It can provide a test environment that meets the automotive grade AEC Q101 for discrete devices and the automotive grade AQG324 for power modules, which can effectively assist R&D and production. Detecting and filling gaps in product quality and iteratively upgrading ensure product consistency and reliability and reduce customers’ quality risk.



TOPDIODE has high-quality reliability verification capabilities. Test equipment includes: chip reliability related equipment (HTRB/HTGB), packaging reliability related equipment (H3TRB/TC/IOL/PTC/HTSL/LTSL/ESD/HAST/PC), etc. Different test equipment can be flexibly opened according to customer needs. Test conditions to achieve all-round comprehensive verification of various important performance parameters of power devices.



In addition to ensuring the equipment capabilities of the laboratory, TOPDIODE has also established a combat-effective testing team. The team is led by a engineer doctor. The laboratory employees all have a bachelor’s degree or above and have many years of experience in testing power device products. Conduct simulation test analysis on structural characteristics to improve the accuracy and reliability of product testing, while also providing customers with a full range of customized reliability testing services.



Topdiode is a well-established semiconductor company with a rich history in the market. We have garnered strong recommendations from numerous international EMS/OEM customers, thanks to our exceptional reliability and outstanding performance.


Topdiode offers a diverse portfolio of semiconductor products for MOSFET, IGBT, IC,and Transistors, which can be used in a variety of applications such as energy vehicles, high-end white goods, charging piles, photovoltaics and energy storage. This range allows customers to find suitable components for their specific needs.


Topdiode Has Strict Quality Control for IC and Semiconductors


Topdiode Group has been working with overseas customers for more than 20 years, all our products meet RoHS REACH requirement. Our products supply to Europe, in Germany, France, UK, we have distributors. Our products can meet overseas customers’ quality requirements.

Our sales team and engineer team will work together on customers inquiries. Engineers involve will make sure to quote customer pin to pin alternative parts. Thus we can make all the efforts to help customer to choose the correct components and avoid problem.

We have reliability test lab in our factory, we will test all our components at site to avoid quality issue. We also supply free samples and support customer trial order for pilot run.

If any quality problem happened, Topdiode Sales and Engineers will work closely with customer and issue 8D report within 1 week. Topdiode will never escape their responsibility for any quality problem.




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